Film Production
We film corporate, exclusive and public affairs like:
 Nightlife Events  
 Fashion Shows
 Music Videos
 University Projects
Our film-making expertise is gleaned from the combined years of working in two of the world's major epicenters of film-making; Hollywood (Los Angeles), and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Script-writing & Story-boarding
Every professional movie, documentary or TV show begins with a script, and a storyboard artist helps bring the script to life, to help the director, art director and cinematographer (or director of photography) plan the project.

Need a music video screenplay penned? We can craft one for you. Your music video needs a solid, professional script, just as much as a feature-length film does. Highly-detailed professional music videos utilize storyboards too. 

At Indire Entertainment, we also provide storyboard services for filmmakers. Storyboard art adds an extra touch of professionalism to any project. That way, unforeseen problems are tackled on paper, and not on set.

Got a screenplay? We will polish it to professional standards - in impeccable English. We also have script translation services, from Spanish, French, Swedish, and Kiswahili, to English. 

Editing & Distribution
Indire Entertainment provides world-class video editing services, including color correction and color-grading using top-of-the-line equipment and software.

After that, have your finished video encoded onto a digital optical disc, for your viewing pleasure. We will upload  your videos onto your preferred video-streaming websites for you!

Location Scouting
We can find you prime locations for your next video shoot. Urban, suburban, rural, the deep wild. Wherever.
With a network spanning five countries with diverse environments; Canada, the USA, Kenya, Tanzania, and Guatemala, we know superb filming locations! 
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